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As quick success is in our mandate, our initial program consisting of 3 mentors and 3 mentees is up and running!

We have connected up these 6 go-getters in what we think are great matches.

Our startup meeting format was simple – our 3 student leaders met with our 3 identified business leaders and we consumed a fair amount of coffee while we introduced ourselves and how the program would work. The partners then had a chance to chat alone while they discussed their goals and backgrounds so that our mentor partners could be solidified and happy to move forward.

The students and their mentors will meet once a month (or as they choose, and when they choose) for 3 months. In August we will plan with our students how they would like to proceed as their schooling begins once more.

Obviously we believe that mentoring should be simple.

Final goal? We want to keep upcoming business leaders IN VICTORIA or close by! We’ve noticed that students would love to stay local but it can be difficult. The way to get into the business scene is by becoming trusted and staying keen within a tight-knit group – this is similar to any other city – but Victoria’s scene just a little smaller and a little tighter.

So stay keen. Find friends and mentors. And keep asking the tough questions.






We wanted to share with you this post from, a great resource for up-and-coming business people and entrepreneurs.

In their post they answer the question:  How do you ask a mentor for feedback on your next business idea? What should you bring to the table? 

They have 15 great answers on how to best spend your time with mentors.

What does it all add up to? Don’t waste your time. Don’t waste their time. And be brave!!


Link again to the U-30CEO post: 15 Ways to Get Awesome Feedback From A Mentor.