A great success: Student Leaders Link’s (SLL) first gathering geared towards student leaders in Victoria. Our main objective was to gather input from students as to how they anticipate benefitting from SLL.

Students came from Royal Roads, University of Victoria, Camosun College, and Academy of Learning to provide input and learn about what we had to offer.

Mentorship: Students acknowledged the benefits of mentorship and asked that it be tailored to their needs, location, and interest. They asked that we follow-up, and build a structure that is clear to them and outlines the benefits and level of involvement.

Strategic Volunteering: The idea of strategic volunteering came up regarding student involvement as community (business) volunteers in areas that interest them, and beneficial to their career direction. There was some hesitation from students who felt that they may not have enough time overall to gain the benefits of volunteer engagement. Students admitted to some intimidation regarding volunteer programs because they “are not sure if they have enough to offer”. SLL can help students learn to work with organizations and overcome the nervousness of working with professionals.

Moving Forward: Students want to participate in a “professionalism course” that would offer help in:

  • What to do with business cards from important contacts,
  • How to follow up and communicate with professionals,
  • What your LinkedIn profile (for example) should look like, and
  • How to act and get the most out of a networking event.

..it was also noted that gatherings labelled as “Networking Events” was intimidating for students.

Overall, our inaugural gathering was a great success! We are happy with the turnout, seeing students from a variety of schools, and that they are keen to participate and learn more from the group.

Stick around! Are you ready to participate?! Feel free to contact us for more info, or suggestions as we build our offering to the Victoria business student community.