SLL recently got together, cracked a few cold ones, and talked about the summer’s successes and how we’d be moving forward in the very near future. Our mentees and mentors overwhelmingly agreed that the simple summer program was a success.  Our 6 program participants met up twice a month (more or less) and helped one another in their goals and business activities. The mentor/mentee relationship is a two-way one. Mentors should be inspired as well.

We are also very proud of our top program success story Gloria Scott who started her first business just ONE MONTH after meeting with her mentor Monica for the first time. Her idea and action plan had been around for several months but with the help of her mentor and another student in the program she was able to build and execute her business plan, then bring in immediate revenue via contacts built up over the years. Businesses are not built overnight, but they can be established and successful very quickly!

So we cracked a few Coronas last Friday and are in the process of planning our next program and intake. We plan to host another student mixer on October 23rd downtown Victoria. We’ll keep you up to date on that as the plans solidify.

Awesomeness update: This program we are proud to offer 6 new mentors. That’s big. We’re doubling the size of our program and network, and we’d like you to be a part of it.

If you’re interested in hearing more and staying in touch, head over to our Contact page. We’re a bunch of keeners that would love to hear from you.

Check back soon folks.

October 23rd Mixer approaches.