Hello fellow Student Leaders. Today I secured coffee meetups with 2 of 3 of my mentors. Not a bad start to the year. It’s true I have 3 mentors. I’m a mentor hoarder. Only one of those three is from an official mentorship program (Prodigy Group mentorship), the other two are through contacts from past work or friends, and I keep in touch with them regularly because they’re business and/or project geniuses.

What does that mean for you? It means that I want you to have 2 to 3 mentors too. Each mentor will have a different attitude, skillset, work area that you can benefit from. Keep an eye open and don’t be afraid to just make someone a mentor by keeping in touch and meeting with them whether or not you have a particular problem to solve.

In November and December, SLL collected a few introductory essays from students that attended our November event at Temple Events and Catering. It was a great event that saw 14 students show up to learn about our 2013 program with new mentors. We’re working on partnering up the applicants right now. Thank you for your essay submissions if you were one of the students that sent them in to Jaryd.

Your short essays and introductions are a great way to choose the best mentors for you so that our program can help as much as possible. Please be patient as we set this up in January 🙂

Pictured: just three of our new mentee applicants. Look at those business brains just teeming with ideas and questions!



We’re having a board and mentor contact meeting on January 15th where we will finalize our partnerships, and then we’ll get in touch with you if you were an applicant.

If you are new to this blog then have a look around. Read a bit about the reason we exist.

Contact us if you’d like to know more. And thanks for dropping by!




Meet a Mentor

JOIN US AT TEMPLE (FORT & LANGLEY) on Tuesday 13th #yyj


UPDATE:  Please note that our next event is now planned for November 13th (Tuesday). No longer Oct 23rd as originally planned.

We are still approaching 6 new mentors.

Ready to be one of our six students matched up?

We are expecting 20-25 student guests from 4-5 Universities and Colleges in Victoria.

Check back! More updates coming from our volunteer group (we’re all volunteers here!)




SLL recently got together, cracked a few cold ones, and talked about the summer’s successes and how we’d be moving forward in the very near future. Our mentees and mentors overwhelmingly agreed that the simple summer program was a success.  Our 6 program participants met up twice a month (more or less) and helped one another in their goals and business activities. The mentor/mentee relationship is a two-way one. Mentors should be inspired as well.

We are also very proud of our top program success story Gloria Scott who started her first business just ONE MONTH after meeting with her mentor Monica for the first time. Her idea and action plan had been around for several months but with the help of her mentor and another student in the program she was able to build and execute her business plan, then bring in immediate revenue via contacts built up over the years. Businesses are not built overnight, but they can be established and successful very quickly!

So we cracked a few Coronas last Friday and are in the process of planning our next program and intake. We plan to host another student mixer on October 23rd downtown Victoria. We’ll keep you up to date on that as the plans solidify.

Awesomeness update: This program we are proud to offer 6 new mentors. That’s big. We’re doubling the size of our program and network, and we’d like you to be a part of it.

If you’re interested in hearing more and staying in touch, head over to our Contact page. We’re a bunch of keeners that would love to hear from you.

Check back soon folks.

October 23rd Mixer approaches.


As quick success is in our mandate, our initial program consisting of 3 mentors and 3 mentees is up and running!

We have connected up these 6 go-getters in what we think are great matches.

Our startup meeting format was simple – our 3 student leaders met with our 3 identified business leaders and we consumed a fair amount of coffee while we introduced ourselves and how the program would work. The partners then had a chance to chat alone while they discussed their goals and backgrounds so that our mentor partners could be solidified and happy to move forward.

The students and their mentors will meet once a month (or as they choose, and when they choose) for 3 months. In August we will plan with our students how they would like to proceed as their schooling begins once more.

Obviously we believe that mentoring should be simple.

Final goal? We want to keep upcoming business leaders IN VICTORIA or close by! We’ve noticed that students would love to stay local but it can be difficult. The way to get into the business scene is by becoming trusted and staying keen within a tight-knit group – this is similar to any other city – but Victoria’s scene just a little smaller and a little tighter.

So stay keen. Find friends and mentors. And keep asking the tough questions.





We wanted to share with you this post from under30ceo.com, a great resource for up-and-coming business people and entrepreneurs.

In their post they answer the question:  How do you ask a mentor for feedback on your next business idea? What should you bring to the table? 

They have 15 great answers on how to best spend your time with mentors.

What does it all add up to? Don’t waste your time. Don’t waste their time. And be brave!!


Link again to the U-30CEO post: 15 Ways to Get Awesome Feedback From A Mentor.

A great success: Student Leaders Link’s (SLL) first gathering geared towards student leaders in Victoria. Our main objective was to gather input from students as to how they anticipate benefitting from SLL.

Students came from Royal Roads, University of Victoria, Camosun College, and Academy of Learning to provide input and learn about what we had to offer.

Mentorship: Students acknowledged the benefits of mentorship and asked that it be tailored to their needs, location, and interest. They asked that we follow-up, and build a structure that is clear to them and outlines the benefits and level of involvement.

Strategic Volunteering: The idea of strategic volunteering came up regarding student involvement as community (business) volunteers in areas that interest them, and beneficial to their career direction. There was some hesitation from students who felt that they may not have enough time overall to gain the benefits of volunteer engagement. Students admitted to some intimidation regarding volunteer programs because they “are not sure if they have enough to offer”. SLL can help students learn to work with organizations and overcome the nervousness of working with professionals.

Moving Forward: Students want to participate in a “professionalism course” that would offer help in:

  • What to do with business cards from important contacts,
  • How to follow up and communicate with professionals,
  • What your LinkedIn profile (for example) should look like, and
  • How to act and get the most out of a networking event.

..it was also noted that gatherings labelled as “Networking Events” was intimidating for students.

Overall, our inaugural gathering was a great success! We are happy with the turnout, seeing students from a variety of schools, and that they are keen to participate and learn more from the group.

Stick around! Are you ready to participate?! Feel free to contact us for more info, or suggestions as we build our offering to the Victoria business student community.

The newly formed Student Leaders Link is hosting its inaugural networking and program planning event on April 5th, in downtown Victoria.

Starts: 6pm sharp to 7pm.

Where: Temple Events and Catering, 525 Fort Street (at Langley).

Food (appetizers) will be available so join us as we meet with student leaders. We have invited business students from UVic, Camosun College, Royal Roads University, and the Academy of Learning to host an array of talent from the Greater Victoria area. This opening event will focus on:

1. Introducing our group and SLL leaders. Who we are, and how we’d like to work with you.

2. Converse about the Victoria (& Lower Mainland) business scene, and how we fit in.

3. Focus our annual agenda, and introduce sub-groups.


>> Learn more about the SLL  here on our About page.

>> Contact us! And check back in again as we build our web presence and annual agenda.